Meet Drinks venue review: 3 Bistro

Nestled conveniently at Marina Square, I was greeted by Jon Lukas from 3 Bistro, a spacious restaurant that boasts a robust selection of wines and spirits made to match the menu. The venue’s decor had a fun, versatile vibe.


I was given the 3 Bistro Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio along with a glass of Santa Alicia Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile by Jon’s recommendation to accentuate the point.


First, the pasta is first blanched in water, olive oil and a thick prawn stock before ending with a quick stir fry, resulting in a texture I can best describe as “al dente plus”. Firm but chewy with a hint of crunch.


Small cut chilly and light touch of finely chopped roasted garlic enhances the pasta, already imbued with flavourful prawn essence before it had graced the plate.


A generous serving of fresh tiger prawns adorned the presentation, the red succulent stars of the dish. Fresh seafood doesn’t need much to be done to it to bring out the taste, the shell came off easily with none of the meaty bounty getting stuck. Overall juicy and cooked well.


The glass of cabernet sauvignon was a young vintage and it complemented the meal with its light fruity body, the long nose of the wine held flavours of blackberry and plums, a nose that delivered a matching taste to tantalise my waiting palate. The playfulness in the light acidity to match the vintage pulls the fine oak overtone finish to a consistent aftertaste, making sure that with and between each bite of my aglio olio, my taste buds were never left idle long after the flavour of prawn and roasted garlic had all but disappeared.


I saved the last two sips of my wine for the chocolate lava cake served with Vanilla ice cream topped with sunflower seeds and chocolate syrup. I’ll leave it to your imagination to linger on the sinfulness of the dessert.


“We want to use the food as a bridge for the couples to connect” mentions Jon, and 3 Bistro sports a good space for you to get to know your date at your own pace through the night. Whether over a younger vintage for casual drinking, or an older, stronger wine, for the conversations late through the night that sparks something new.

Use MeetDrinks to meet someone new today for a drink at 3Bistro- located at 6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594



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