What to talk about on 1st dates?

So, you’ve taken the first step by setting up or agreeing to a date. Leading up to meeting up, it is exciting and scary at the same time. After all, you will be sharing a drink or perhaps a meal with someone new – what will you talk about during?


The goal of dates is to show the best of yourself. There is a fine line between talking too much and talking too little. Conversation topics that you should discuss would be things that are trivial enough to be polite and yet interesting to you both. It is easier than it sounds.



With budget travel so readily available and work hours increasing, try talking about travelling – almost everyone goes someone. One study states that 58% of all Brits will travel abroad in summer.


Do you like travelling? When was the last time you travelled? Where did you go? Where is your favorite destination? Where is your dream destination?



Some people eat to live, while others live to eat – regardless which one you are, everyone eats. So definitely talk about food – future dates can be set accordingly. The same can be applied when you meet for drinks – be it alcoholic or not, coffee or tea and more.


What is your favorite cuisine? Which is your favorite restaurant / food stall? Do you cook? What is your drink of choice? Which is your favourite bar?



Find out what you both like to do in your spare time. Share your interests and hobbies so that if there is a follow-on date, you may experience something together. You may not have to agree on everything (and that’s okay) but at least you find out more about each other.


What do you like to do in your off-time? How do you spend your weekend? Tell me about your perfect day. Do you like (enter activity)?


Relationship goals


It may be a bit heavy at the start of the date but it is essential. Get a grip on whether there is potential in this or not. Everyone is busy nowadays – the nice thing to do is to not waste each other’s time.


Are you looking for a relationship or just friends?


Beyond what you should talk about, there are also plenty of things that you not talk about, yet. Here are some subjects that will definitely antagonise your date.


Religion and Politics Translation-09

In the first few dates, it is best to steer clear of religion and politics. These are sensitive topics that are easy to rub people the wrong way. While it may matter in a serious relationship, try to keep it light at the start.


Health conditions


Casual conversations are not insurance policies, it shouldn’t cover major illnesses and disabilities. While it may be very honest, it may make your date uncomfortable.




Don’t dwell on previous relationships – if you are out meeting new people, you’re moving on. Bringing it up may show that you are not still lingering emotionally on the past.




While it is perfectly fine to talk about what is your career, it shouldn’t be a seminar on your industry. Give only a brief introduction, as this is not an interview. If you are not in a job currently, say you are transitioning between posts or upgrading for the next progression.


Overly focused on your children


If you have children, you should mention that you have and love them. Though, constant regaling about their achievements isn’t recommended. Too much time spent on talking about your children shows that you are unlikely to have time in the future for your date.


Nobody wants to spend time with a person who babbles about everything or someone who is so quiet that the awkward silence is deafening. So it is always good to prepare some conversation topics while avoiding others ahead of time to ensure a good date.



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