MeetDrinks launches Group Dating during season of love

MeetDrinks, a geo-social dating application that brings people closer together over drinks, is releasing its latest Group Dating function today to relieve the pressure on singles by society (Valentine’s Day) and family (Lunar New Year) to find dates/partners.


Inspired by the popular Japanese concept of gōkon (合コン), MeetDrinks’ group dating will see two users connect and each can bring up to 4 friends to the date. Like a group blind date, it is a safe alternative to single dating and eases tension when both parties have the company of their friends.


“As online dating gains prominence, it is easier to meet more people but harder to get real connections, “says Peter Yu, Co-Founder of MeetDrinks. “There is massive potential in bringing singles together in face-to-face during this festive period.”


This new feature is the result of repeated user feedback and intense market research showing a demand for conservative group dating. While that might seem like a paradox in the instant gratification of online dating, MeetDrinks has learnt much from quietly making more than 200,000 matches since 2015.


MeetDrinks found that Asians aren’t just conservative when it comes to dating, it also applies to spending. Hence, for group dates, the inviter will only pre-pay $10 per couple (i.e. double dates cost only $20). With prices usually soaring during this time, low costs to getting started means no financial pressure. To further aid in that aspect, MeetDrinks allows users to invite others to the app and gain $2.50 in credits per successful download.


Next up in importance, is venue. Users look out for accessibility, F&B selection and ambience for conversations. MeetDrinks carefully curates a handful of venue partners per city that are conducive for connecting casually. Instead of being surrounded by Lunar New Year or Valentines’ Day austere decorations, group dates are held in light-hearted atmospheres over drinks.


Last requirement for users, is time. With Singapore being the most overworked people, users do not have much time to waste. MeetDrinks introduced a 24 hour chat window between matches that compels brief introductions that leads to either a group date or moving on. With only days to go, MeetDrinks puts more options in such a small timeframe.


“Our conventional approach will produce better matches and better times for our users,” says Peter. “Group dating with MeetDrinks will be the best way to meet someone suitable in time for this season of love.”


MeetDrinks is currently live in Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai, London and Capetown.

P.S. Prefer a ‪#‎streetparty‬ to dim dinners? Join our MeetDrinks crew at


13th Feb (7pm till late)



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