What to order on 1st dates?

First dates are always awkward. You and your date are sitting down for the first time to find out more about each other. Previously, we’ve covered what to or not to say – so now, the next step is what to or not to order.


In this initial meeting, everyone wants to put their best foot forward. Your choice of food and beverage says a lot about you and these non-verbal cues matter tremendously. So here at MeetDrinks, we’ve compiled a list of Yays and Nays to your menu.




– Finger food (easy to eat / shareable)

– Fish fillet

– Chicken Breast / Thigh

– Steak

– Salad

– Rissoto

– Pasta (short pasta like penne, fusili, ravioli, etc)



– Chicken Drumstick / Wing (tough to eat well with utensils)

– Long pasta / noodles (tough to eat without causing stains)

– Burgers or Ribs (messy)


– Shellfish (prawns, lobsters, crabs, etc)

– Anything with a hotplate (smell lingers on clothing)




– White wine (even if spilt, it is colorless)

– Mocktails (for those who don’t drink alcohol, this allows you to fit in more)

– Light cocktails

– Coffee

– Tea



– Red wine (almost impossible to remove stains and colours teeth immediately)


– Beer, Cider and Champagne (the bubbles causes belching)

– Spirits neat or hard cocktails (may get drunk too quickly)

– water (boring)


The following list is not exhaustive and not all restaurants/bars/cafes serve the same stuff so on top of that, here are a few guidelines:


  1. Keep your food and drinks light, just like the conversation.

Food or drinks that are too strong may be the exact way you enjoy them, however, spare a thought for your date. You would not want to emit gases and smells throughout the evening.


  1. Murphy’s Law applies most frequently on first dates.

While there is no scientific proof, it is logical to say that being more edgy will cause nervous ticks or fumbles. So pick items that may cause less of a mess when the proverbial happens.


  1. There is safe and there is boring.

Choosing the Mexican Fire Salsa Burrito may be too dangerous but picking a oatmeal porridge is not advisable either. Maybe get something that could be shared like a sampler set (usually consists of most popular dishes) which could be fun.


  1. Thread the middle line when it comes to price.

Don’t choose the cheapest item or the most expensive one from the menu. A yardstick is usually the second cheapest item – so it doesn’t make you look cheap and yet not too extravagant.


As it is impossible to pre-empt all missteps, by paying a little more attention to what you order will reduces those chances. Hopefully this will help pave the way for future dates, where you can let your hair down more.

'Maybe we could save appendectomy scars until the second date!'

‘Maybe we could save appendectomy scars until the second date!’



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