Avoid a ‘swipe left’ on your profile

With modern dating apps providing swiping, you can “meet” thousands of people in one sitting. Each person who is eligible to meet you gets a grand total of 0.4 seconds before being condemned to a swipe left (also known as getting rejected). Interactions have degraded to essentially a meat market – where only the hottest people get a swipe right to win in this game, just like everything else.

A rough estimate would put at best 10-15% of people as categorically attractive, how will the rest of us be able to find love online? The shy-looking guy might be really sweet or that the girl with braces may be really cool – but you’ll never know that unless you get to meet them.

The only way to get through is to up your profile picture game. With some of these tips, even the ugly ducklings have a chance at being swans in the online dating world.


Easiest to do of all the suggestions in this post. Considering we were all taught to smile or say ‘cheese’ while having our photos taken, this should be natural.

For Women who put up as main picture of themselves smiling at the camera will definitely get more traction than those who don’t. The picture that seems to most popular is one in which they’re flirting at the camera — making a sexy or pouty face. Do not flirt away from the camera, as men may think you’re flirting with someone else behind the scene.

For Men, surprisingly is the opposite, where the ones who do the best are of men who are NOT smiling and are actually looking away. Aloof dudes who are too cool to focus on the camera drive the ladies wild.


It is a realistic and physical world so if you have a body (or portions of it) worth showing off, now is the time. For women, those who showed some cleavage in their pics did better than those who didn’t. Same can be applied For Men – instead of cleavage, show muscles / abs. NOTE: while it is to attract attention, too much revelation may draw a wrong crowd.


Having pictures of you partying can indicate that you are fun to meet. However, just like showing too much skin, too much partying can be your downfall. For men and women, it may seem that you are immature and aren’t ready for a relationship.


For men and women, after all, that is who they will be meeting. So ideally a blank or boring background that will not take attention away from your face.

That said, to avoid being ignored among all the simple face-only profiles, here is an gambit that can also elicit interest. If you’re doing something interesting to draw someone’s eye or spark an conversation, it is also advisable to put up. Examples like skydiving, living abroad, playing a musical instrument.

With these tips, will your profile still get looked over? Unfortunately, yes – there are millions of profile for everyone to scroll through. But your unique profile (a more optimised version) will have a higher chance of catching the attention of the guy/girl that you actually want.

Good luck – here’s hoping you get #bettermatchesbettertimes !


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