Can you have a date without alcohol?

For busy working individuals, dates usually take place after work at F&B outlets near their offices. The couple usually will have a few drinks to unwind from their busy day and start getting to know each other.

First date cheers

Alcohol serves as a double edge sword – it helps break the ice but it also impairs decision-making. So there are many would prefer not to drink on a first date. Though your date might prefer a tipple just like everyone else – what do you do?


Here are some options to camouflage your drink and get on with your date:


1st choice – Sparkling water / Tonic water / Club Soda


On the rocks (with a squeeze of lime to be fancy), these three options all look like either a vodka-based cocktail or a gin tonic. These options are better than juice or soda as it has no sugar content especially when a date lasts between 2 to 4 drinks. Most people do not drink the recommended 8 glasses of water per day and are chronically dehydrated, so drinking more water is good.


2nd choice – Diet soda

diet soda

Similarly, on the rocks with a lime or lemon, any diet soda looks like a cocktail. It has less sugar than regular soda and it has more taste than water. Most outlets will have diet Coke, diet Sprite or perhaps even diet Ginger Ale.


3rd choice – Virgin mocktails

virgin bloody mary

Mocktails are cocktails sans alcohol – looks and taste just like the real deal. The bartender will actually still have to make it with a shaker and pour into a fancy glass as per a regular one. For the best illusion, try virgin Bloody Mary, Pina Colada, or Mojito.


4th choice – Non-alcoholic beer

Becks non-alcohol

At a pub or beer hall, it may be too pretentious to drink anything else but beer. So, if you want to have the beer but not the carbs or alcohol – opt for a non-alcoholic beer. Two of the most popular options around are Becks Non-Alcoholic or Asahi Zero that is served in a pint glass just like everything else.


Last choice – Coffee / Tea


Sometimes, you may just want a latte or chamomile. Coffee and tea are appropriate at all times, even in some bars. You can always make an excuse for having to stay awake to head back to the office after or run an errand.


For #bettermatchesbettertimes, with this menu, you can fit right in by ordering a drink that looks an alcoholic one. Without booze, it doesn’t put pressure on your date for having a drink or two. Similarly, at the end of the date, you are sober enough to decide if there will be a second date.


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